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Rubber Paper Scissors

Get ready for Rubber Paper Scissors, the ultimate 2-player light strategy game!  Battle it out in “rock (rubber), paper, scissors”  with Tic Tac Toe gameplay to fight for control of the newly opened stationery store! Collect

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拼動奇跡 Animals Gathering

Animals Gathering

Animals Gathering is a dice family game for 2–5 players that incorporates dice management, tile placement, set collection, and push your luck elements. The goal is to earn the most points by placing Magic Stones

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Helppp Me!

Helppp Me! is a light strategy card game. Playing cards to build your combo and affecting others at the same time. Whoever saves the most monsters wins the game.

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好樂牌 Touch it

Touch It

Touch it is a highly accessible and competitive party game that challenges your sense of touch. The concept of the game is similar to a popular Chinese game “Touch Mahjong”. In just a few seconds,

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Loco Momo

Loco Momo — A simple, cute tile placement game. It’s time to take the best photo for your Loco Momo’s animal friends.

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