Animals Gathering - Wonderful World Board Games






Crystal Forest, a magical kingdom home to powerful creatures, was once teeming with life. But under the intrusion of dark magic, the animals have become extinct.

We mages now go forth to gather the magic stones of the forest and arrange them according to our spellbooks, resisting the darkness and ultimately bringing back what has been lost. Rely on your unique mage ability and even the powers of revived magical animals to decide who will contribute most towards the restoration of Crystal Forest.

1. “Take an Animal Index Card” or “Roll the Magic Dice.”
When choosing to roll, carefully consider which combination of dice you want.

2. Take and place the stones resulting from your roll on your uncompleted index cards. Careful! If you can’t place any showing stones, other players can take  them.

3. A completed index card means you have revived the animal. With it being your new companion, you can trigger its power to boost your score, affect how stones are obtained, or even attack other players. 

*The number of dice you can roll depends on your number of uncompleted index cards, and each color (three in total) of dice has a different distribution of faces/stones.

Game Design: Duguwei
Art & Graphic Design: Yuan Momoco


35 Animal Index Cards
205 Magic Stones
6 Magic Dice
5 Mage Cards
10 Spell Cards
1 Rulebook