Touch It - Wonderful World Board Games






This game is simple enough for every generation. It can quickly build relationships and create different interactions in 10 seconds. There is only one rule but with multiple variants to enjoy the game.

  1. Shuffle and place all cards with their backs face down to form a deck that can be reached by all players.  
    • The side with the four pictures is the front. 
  2. All players carefully take one card without touching or seeing the back of their card. 
  3. One player begins counting down: 3, 2, 1, go! On go, all players may begin touching the back.
  4. Once a player thinks they know the answer, they place their card down and say “got it.”
    • When only one player remains touching their card, they must stop.
  5. In the order of which player said “got it” first, players reveal their guesses and see if they are correct. 
    • The fastest correct answer: 2 pts
    • Other correct answers: 1 pt
    • Incorrect answers: 0 pts 
  6. Use cards (from the discard pile or deck) to track points: each card counts as 1. The first player to get 7 points or more is the winner!

How to Win: The first player gets 7 points or more to win the game!

Other gameplays: Here comes the Speedrun It, Scan It, Tag-Team It. For more information, please check out the rulebook. 

Game Design: Romain Caterdjian

Art & Graphic Design: Annie Loke, Luka Wang, wuwudoodles


1 Rule book

52 Cards