The Making of 'Animals Gathering': A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Game's Iterative Design Process

Today, we’re here to talk about this amazing prototype we discovered in 2021, “Animals Gathering.”

It all started at some event in 2021 when we saw the game designed by DuGuWei being playtested. The table was filled with various tangram shapes and it was incredibly captivating. Unfortunately, there were too many kids crowding around the game, so we had to leave without playing. At that moment, we thought to ourselves, “Wow, why did the kids like it so much?” Finally, at the testing annual meeting later that year, we had a chance to play the game…

Our first thought was that this game would look amazing with the right theme, and it would become an eye-catching game (Personally, when I buy board games, I find artwork to be something i really care about). But then, we got stuck trying to figure out which theme to use. Plus, we were still in the midst of the pandemic storm, so we put the idea on hold.

This idea stayed in our minds for a whole year. We kept checking to see if anyone had snatched it up yet. We worried and worried until we finally decided to go for it! We approached DuGuWei and offered that we work together to make this game even more beautiful and exciting.

And now, without further ado, let’s take a look at Animals Gathering’s fashion show (You could also say it’s our crazy creative thought process lol)! As you can see, when it comes to tabletop gaming, you have let your imagination run wild! 😏

Here's the original me, at the very beginning!


It's me, the one forgotten in ancient Egypt.

IT'S ME, when It was all about art.

And that’s me, wearing shiny jewelry.

And now, the real me, the one, the only 💓

Animals Gathering

While developing the game, we tried many different art concepts until we my every whimsical demand.

I personally find the final result absolutely gorgeous, so much that I’d pick it up on the spot if I stumbled upon it in a board game store. And let’s not forget the great game design of our very own DuGuWei, who made the game more accessible to everyone while still maintaining its deep, enigmatic appeal.

The game consists of just three steps: 1) collect cards, 2) roll the dice, and 3) complete/revive animals to activate their abilities. Even kids can easily pick it up, right? But what they don’t realize is the complex game design that goes into it, such as skill chains and cool decision-making that requires some thinking. Our foreign testers were absolutely amazed by the game’s depth and novelty, including the XX ratio, OO interaction, and ZZ control, which added an extra layer of fun.

So don’t be fooled into thinking that winning the game is all about luck or dice rolls. “Animals Gathering” is so much more than that. Don’t believe me? Challenge any strategic player in your circle and see for yourself!

Now that you’ve seen all these different versions, which one’s your favorite? Drop a comment and let us know!

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