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Ready to show your game to the world?

Ready to show your game to the world?

We are currently opening submissions for new game designs. If you are a game designer that has a fully play-tested board game, we’d love to see it. Please read our game submission guidelines on this page before sending your submissions.

Please note that due to time constraints and workload. We cannot guarantee the time it will take to review your submission, but we will try our best to respond to you in two weeks.

1. Family Game:

  • **Weight/Difficulty:** The game’s weight on BGG should be around 1.7 to 2.3, with an ideal example around 2.0, such as Fit to Print, Harmonies, Aqua, Cascadia, Akropolis, The Quacks of Quedlinburg, Art Society, River Valley.
  • **Great Table Presentation:** Nice player boards, game boards, and components. Art style is not a primary concern.
  • **Simple Yet Varied Scoring:** A game that offers a lot of combinations and choices for scoring.
  • **Theme:** We usually find a suitable theme based on various factors, but a matching theme can sometimes be a plus.
  • **Set Collection:** Set collection mechanics are a favorite, but we are open to other types of games, including good abstract 2-player games.
  • **Unique Experience:** We are looking for unique gameplay mechanics. Explain why your game stands out. For example, Faraway – you are playing the game backward!
  • **Player Counts:** Ideally it is 1 to 5, but 2 to 4 is solid.
  • **Game Duration:** Around 45 minutes (30-60 minutes is acceptable, but not too long or short).

**2. Light Family:**

  • **Weight/Difficulty:** A game close to 1.2 on BGG, like Kingdomino, Draftosaurus, 5-Minute Dungeon, and Pikit.
  • **Duration:** 15-30 minutes, suitable for first-time players.
  • **Simplicity:** Main rules can be explained in 1 minute. It should be a family game, easy to teach and fun for all ages.
  • **Scoring:** Multiple ways to score, offering many choices.
  • **Theme:** Strong thematic elements.
  • **Player Counts:** 2 to 4 is good; 5 or 6 is better but not necessary.
  • **Unique Mechanic/Theme:** Highlight what makes this game special.

**3. Cooperative Games:**

  • **Examples:** Forbidden series, Horrified, Keep the Heros Out.
  • **Duration:** 45 minutes or more per round.
  • **Weight:** At least 2.0 on BGG.
  • **Style:** Campaign style, story-based, with series potential and multiple factions.
  • **Player Counts:** 2 to 6, best with 3 or 4.
  • **Challenge:** Must not be easy to win. The game should involve significant conversation and provide a strong sense of pressure.
  • **Theme:** Fantasy or fiction-based themes are a plus.
  • **Campaign Quality:** The first game should be engaging enough to encourage continuation.

**4. Party/Card Games:**

  • **Unique Gameplay:** Share your craziest undeveloped ideas. Our example games include Touch It and Fashion Police. Other examples will be MicroMacro, Just One, Skull, Wavelength, Trio, Scout, Sheriff of Nottingham, Faraway.
  • **Flexibility:** Can be card games, creative imagination games, or other types. Try to avoid word games, though we do want a game like Just One.
  • **Audience Appeal:** The game should be something you’d confidently show to non-gamer friends.
  • **Player Count:** No strict limit, but the more players, the better.

**5. Card-Driven Games:**

  • **Examples:** The Vale of Eternity with a weight of 2.1.
  • **Mechanics:** Deck building, hand management, drafting. Games like The Vale of Eternity, Seasons, or Everdell.
  • **Gameplay:** Card-based with lots of text, plus light interactions on the game board.

Please refrain from submitting themes related to food, economy, politics, sports/racing, religion, and education.

To clarify, this does not mean we will never publish games with these themes; rather, they fall outside our area of expertise, making it challenging for us to effectively publish them.

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