Loco Momo - Wonderful World Board Games






Loco Momo is an enchanted forest. One day, a mysterious camera was discovered in the forest. To decide that whoever can own the camera will have to take the prettiest  photos with the camera. Players would utilize different animals’ unique movement patterns to explore Loco Momo and find other animal friends to compose the best “groupie” photo.

Each animal has its own unique movement. You need to use your wisdom to get as many animals as you can. When players decide how to composite the animal on the camera, there will be multiple ways to get the score. How to composite will be the key point to get a high score.

Last but not the least, there will be two more advanced rules that you can challenge. Each of them will change the game a little bit, and you will have to come up with another plan to win.

Game Design: Lenny Liu / Leon Liu
Art & Graphic Design: Aisha Lee


1 Rule Book

1 Forest Board

4 Picture Boards

1 Sun Token

1 Cotton Bag

5 Hexagonal Animal Tokens and 3 Hexagonal Colour Tokens (for expansion A)

5 Flower-shaped Animal Tokens

105 pcs Animal Tokens (35pcs X 3 colors)


We had so much fun with Locomomo. Come join us now!