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【Rubber, Paper, Scissors】
Essen Tournament 2023

* Date: Oct 5nd ~ Oct 7nd  * Time: 15 mins 
* Everyone who participates gets a prize


Rubber Paper Scissors— Get ready for Rubber Paper Scissors, the ultimate 2-player light strategy game!  Battle it out in “rock (rubber), paper, scissors”  with Tic Tac Toe gameplay to fight for control of the newly opened stationery store! Collect items, outwit your opponent, and strategically position your squad members. If strength and luck aren’t on your side, flip the situation over to be crowned! Ready for non-stop excitement?

    • 4 in 1 in this easy carry box with 10 minutes of gameplay. 
      ✔️Rock Paper Scissors
      ✔️Tic Tac Toe
      ✔️Set Collection
      ✔️Area Control
    • Components:
      ▪️ Equipment x15 (Tape x5; Glue x5; Ruler x5) 
      ▪️ +2 Bonus x4   
      ▪️ Equipment Bonus x4   
      ▪️ Crown x3
      ▪️ Goggles x4 
      ▪️ Squad Member x18 (Blue x9; Orange x9) 
      ▪️ Shop Window Board x1
    • Rulebook language: EN 


Animals Gathering— Animals Gathering is a dice family game for 2–5 players that incorporates dice management, tile placement, set collection, and push your luck elements. The goal is to earn the most points by placing Magic Stones (obtained via dice rolls) to fill in Animal Index Cards to revive animals, which provide powers and points as your companion.

  • Plan strategically with your player mage’s asymmetrical ability! 
  • Components: ▪️ 40 Animal Blueprint Cards ▪️ 184 Magical Gems ▪️ 6 Dice ▪️ 5 Mage Character Cards ▪️ 5 Spell Cards   
  • Rulebook language: EN


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【Rubber, Paper, Scissors】 Essen Tournament 2023


Have you ever played a game that combines Rock Paper Scissors and Tic Tac Toe? And not just that, but also includes Set Collection and Area Control elements? (Sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it?)

This newly released game in August received excellent reviews at Gen Con. In this tournament, you can team up with a friend for a two-player match against another team, or you can go solo and partner up with friends from different places.

Each session accommodates only four sets of teams for competition! Each game lasts approximately 10-15 minutes, and if you make it to the top, the entire tournament usually wraps up within about an hour!

Just by participating in the competition, you’ll have a chance to receive a unique  gift all the way from Taiwan! 🇹🇼 (It’s really something special, and we can’t wait to see the expressions on your faces when you receive it, haha!)

🕓 Tournament Schedule:

*The tournament starts at 4 PM, and each match lasts approximately 10-15 minutes. If you advance to the next round, it will also be around 10-15 minutes, and so on.

▪️ 10/5 – 4:00 pm
▪️ 10/6 – 4:00 pm
▪️ 10/7 – 4:00 pm